Flat Roof Lights

Fantastic Flat Roof Lights

When it comes to a sleek, contemporary look, Flat Roof Lights are designed to deliver. Modern homes represent a meeting of practical and stylish, utilizing sustainable materials wherever possible, and showcasing crisp, clean lines as their design strength. Flat roof lights are secure, maximising and enhancing the flow of natural light into your home, while simultaneously providing steady airflow which improves overall ventilation of your space.

Our bespoke, tailor made rooflight are offered in three varied designs:


Fixed Rooflights (Standard or Walk-on)

With the flexibility to be suited to any home, fixed roof lights provide a seamless way of getting natural light into your house, immersing your space in brightness. Offering the benefits of thermally efficiency as well as advanced security locking systems, quality roof lights provide a lovely environment whether it’s for work or social usage. Available as a Standard or Walk-On option.


As well as the light benefits, creating a natural flow and source of ventilation is important for any living space. With our ventilation roof light homeowners get a generous 360mm, which allows air to be filtered through a room via fully hidden chain drive actuators. As you will see, this creates a delightfully light, and wonderfully airy space, whatever you may use it for.


For homes that are in need of a different or alternative egress, especially for maintenance reasons, this is the best option. Using built-in gas springs combined with espagnolette locks, this design of rooflight can open up to a 70 degree angle, providing easy and usable access to your rooftop, if and when that may be necessary.