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AT 5EC-ALU we pride ourself on being a producer of some of the best in quality Schuco folding doors and Schuco doors found in London.

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Using teams of highly skilled professionals, we are able to offer a wide variety of products that are fit to grace any home, and fit in any style.

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SmartClose feature, allowing large patio doors to slow down as they approach the frame, with those doors requiring just a gentle push to close fully. ​

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glazing solutions for all our aluminium windows and doors are made to measure, ensuring the perfect fit for your home.


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Schuco aluminium doors & windows - 5EC Q&A

No, we try to advise each customer with all costs before starting the job. If you cannot provide us with full details, we`ll provide worst and best case scenario quotes so at least you are aware of the maximum possible costs of the job. Please note that each added job during the project will be priced extra. We try to make sure there`s no hidden or extra costs for our customers. We want to make sure that you understand the costs of all works, materials and rubbish before a job is started.
We do arrange all timings for the projects to suit our customers. We`ll try to work with as low disturbance as possible. We make a plan with you at the beginning of each job and make sure each week that we are within the time plan and within the budget.

At first we`ll provide our customers with a rough estimate. If you get back to us with an interest, we would then be happy to estimate the materials too. We`ll discuss with you which materials we are responsible for and get them ordered/ delivered to site at no extra cost.

Usually we`ll organise all building materials, timber and paints, adhesives, sealants and fixings.

Yes we have full liability insurance up to £2 million.
Yes of course, get in touch to discuss your requirements and we can show you examples of similar projects and provide you with previous customers contact details.
We are based in Stevenage but we work and provide free quotations and advice all around Greater London and Hertfordshire.

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since 2018


Schuco doors and windows are available to watch in our showroom

When it comes to Schuco doors and Schuco bifold doors London, choosing the right style and design is where we come in. Our experts will discuss your options and everything you need to know about Schuco doors. Visit us in our showroom in Hertfordshire to see our products as they are in real life! Contact us to schedule a meeting:

Schuco Doors London Collection – High Quality Home Design

Selecting doors, whether it’s a business premises or your home, sometimes requires the very best. Schuco doors and schuco sliding doors, for London customers both residential and commercial, represent the very best in engineering and style. Schuco folding doors in London homes across the capital look sleek, and deliver the glass wall look that people want. Offering continuous and uninterrupted vistas, schuco bifold doors really do transform a space.
From Schuco sliding doors to high end Schuco aluminium bifold doors, our London customers have a choice of installations, with double and triple track options for frames, all creating that seamless connection. Our highly trained and vastly experienced professionals ensure that all our Schuco doors in London properties are installed to the highest standard, in the style our customers prefer.
Our portfolio of projects includes Schuco sliding doors, Schuco folding doors to Schuco bifold doors in London properties of all sizes and styles, each built to last as well as impress. When it comes to Schuco doors in London homes, they truly combine full functionality while offering ease of use too. As well as the style and sophistication, Schuco bifold doors in London homes offer another benefit, thermal insulation which keeps heat in and cold out, with the added feature of acoustic insulation for noise control. Stunning and practical, schuco doors deliver.

Flexible opening options with Schuco Sliding Doors London

When it comes to Schuco sliding doors in London, it’s all about options. There’s the seamless and easy to use lift and slide schuco sliding doors or, for other tastes, the tilt and slide feature is what people want. Even with larger schuco doors in London homes or businesses, this feature ensures that even larger doors can open partially, delivering ventilation that is bespoke to your needs.
With the high quality engineering that Schuco bifold doors offer our London clients, even doors on the heavier side operate smoothly, showcasing the sophisticated gearing that enables a Schuco door to lift, tilt and slide.
Whether you need two or even three sliding tracks, schuco doors and schuco bifold doors work for our London clients, and offer more options. For some, a single track is ideal where for smaller two-panel schuco sliding doors in their London property. More options that schuco sliding doors offer our London clients are the two and three tracks which enable more leaves to slide either to the left or the right.
For some of our Schuco sliding doors London clients, they prefer multiple tracks, because these provide the biggest clear opening with all door panels stacked on the one side.
Some of our clients are in the process of building a new extension, this is where our bespoke Schuco sliding doors allow for personalized designs and seamless integration with walls, leaving panels out of view. Schuco sliding doors can even be made to slide open and shut at the touch of a button, showing just how great Schuco sliding doors in London homes are.
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Some facts about Schuco Doors London

When it comes to Schuco doors and Schuco bifold doors, choosing the right style and design is where we come in. Our experts will discuss your options, using our portfolio of Schuco sliding doors work across London to explain what your options are, and everything you need to know about Schuco doors.

Schuco Doors for Every Style

One thing you should know about all our Schuco doors in London properties is that there is a style that can work, whatever your requirements. Regardless of your preferences, all our Schuco bifold doors are fully insulated, with aluminium frames, and our industry leading guarantee

Finding Bifold Doors

With so many options, we can help customers to work through all the Schuco bifold doors available in London, ensuring that every client is happy with their choice before the installation starts. Finding bifold doors for your London home has never been easier.

Choosing Aluminium Bifold Doors

When it comes to what you need to know about your aluminium bifold doors for your London property, it’s all about quality. Our thermally insulated bifold doors are safe and easy to use, thickly glazed for sound insulation, and aesthetically stunning.

Selecting Schuco Front Doors

Knowing all there is to know about Schuco front doors in London is how we help people make the best choice for their property. From robust fittings to simple and easy opening mechanisms, our experts guarantee to help you from selection to completion.

Realise your dream by choosing Schuco Sliding Doors in London

On a warm, simmering morning the sunlight should be pouring into your home, ready for the afternoon sun to bathe your garden in warmth. If this is a scene you want, then installing schuco doors or schuco sliding doors in your London home is just the thing for you, and we have the schuco doors range that offers all you will need. From schuco folding doors in London townhouses to schuco aluminium bifold doors in London’s larger Edwardian properties, our schuco doors are designed to dazzle, with high performance mechanical features and a style that suits your home, as well as being made to last.
When you get schuco sliding doors in your London home, we can ensure that you get an ease of use system which opens and closes without effort, bringing the outside in and opening up the space you have. Our thermally efficient schuco doors in London homes also keep heat in and cold out, helping you achieve a steady, comfortable temperature all year round. For a stylish, sleek look, our non-insulated schuco doors provide our London customers with a great looking room dividing system, with slim face-widths allowing a large and maximised area of clear glass, enabling light to flood into a room.
Each of our schuco doors in London properties showcases the designs that deliver ease of use, with opening and closing at the touch of a finger, with motorised options for many of our schuco sliding doors in London offering even more convenience. Contact 5EC today for all your schuco door needs in London.

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Open Living with Schuco Doors London

When it comes to enjoying the view in your home and garden, our wide range of schuco doors, schuco bifold doors and schuco folding doors for London homes can deliver with style. From the classic schuco front doors to beautifully constructed and easy to use schuco aluminium bifold doors, London homes always benefit from our products and installations. Bringing the outside in, fulfilling the potential of your open plan kitchen and garden, or creating a statement entrance, just a few of the things our schuco doors and schuco sliding doors in London can do. Hard wearing, ease of use, and effortlessly stylish, our schuco doors are built to impress and built to last, and 5EC is the company to trust, whatever schuco doors you prefer for your London home.
With years of industry experience, our schuco sliding doors across London showcase the best you can get, delivering stunning garden views for many, or using our schuco aluminium sliding bifold doors in London homes to create seamless internal dividers between homes and conservatories. Whatever your taste or budget, 5EC will work with you to deliver the schuco doors that your London home needs. Our stylish schuco sliding doors allow London customers to create and enjoy panoramic views, while our contemporary styles give a new look to those wanting to modernize. Thanks to high end materials and constructions, our top quality schuco folding doors give London homes slim sightlines, expansive views, and a stunning style. Even better, our schuco doors are easy and effortless to operate, regardless of the size you require. All our schuco doors in London are light and stylish, what more could a homeowner want.
For open plan living, all our schuco doors and schuco sliding doors give London homes superb glass delivering outstanding, clear views. From wide to tall, and everything in between, 5EC can add the wow factor to your property, as our schuco sliding doors make London homes open and bright. Our years of experience allow us vast product knowledge, expertise we share with each of our schuco doors customers in London, including a no-obligation consultation to get things started. Call us today for a hassle free quote for schuco doors in London.