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Schüco Folding Sliding System AS FD 75

The Schüco AS FD 75 folding sliding system has been designed to stand out with its stunning extra slim face widths and flush-fitted outer and vent frames, It is also incredibly secure with a selection of opening and locking types that can be incorporated into its design keeping you safe and secure inside. The Shuco folding doors London system offers a higher level of security, meeting burglar resistance class RC 2.

Schuco folding doors London produced fold with minimum effort, requiring minimal force to open and close them. The Schuco sliding folding door system has almost silent movement. The doors are manufactured with the very best, quality, roller carriers that securely guide the Schuco doors at the top and bottom.

Schuco doors installation London is easy as the Schuco doors London have different threshold types, including a flat threshold with an amazing rollover capacity, which makes the Schuco folding sliding door London system adaptable to many installation situations.
These Schuco folding doors have an improved seal, due to the design concept of two continuous gasket levels. These offer greater watertightness and air permeability.
Other products can be found to have zero tolerance for installation, but Schuco doors are designed and made so that we are able to offer onsite adjustment to assist with the installation. We will ensure your doors fit seamlessly and will last for many years

Schuco sliding folding door London

The Schuco sliding folding door London system is part of our premium range with a high-end design, manufactured with the best quality materials and with stand out, stunning aesthetics. Our experienced fabricators take pride in their work and produce Schuco sliding folding doors London produced with materials of superior quality. They produce high end, expertly designed and engineered products. The slightly higher costs of Schuco doors is made up with the overall higher quality compared to other products.

Schuco sliding folding door London

For a thermally broken folding sliding system, Schüco AS FD 75 / 90.HI offers extremely narrow face widths of 90 mm. The benefit of this is a higher proportion of glass to frame and therefore greater transparency when the vents are closed, which is further enhanced by vent widths of up to 1500 mm. The 90 mm narrow face widths are made possible by the innovative, space-saving vent frame concept, which involves the positioning of the shoot bolt and gearbox in the centre of the vent joint. When closed, the fittings components are concealed by a U-shaped PVC-U profile. This ensures both generous views and indoor spaces flooded with light.

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