Maintenance of Bifold Doors: How to Clean and Care for Bifold Doors

posted Nov 19 2021

For many people, schuco bifold doors in their London home represent a dream addition to their property. With schuco doors, London homes can enjoy vast amounts of natural light, extra space, and access to outdoor spaces and other rooms, along with a luxuriously modern aesthetic.

For some homeowners,  the purchase and installation of schuco bifold doors for their London is seen as the only thing to think about, but we know that schuco doors also require ongoing maintenance. Much like other doors and windows, when you install schuco bifold doors in your London property they will need to be cleaned and cared for regularly to make them last, which in turn will help to keep your doors gliding smoothly and have squeaky clean glass for years to come. a

How often should I clean my bifold doors?
When you install schuco bifold doors in your London home, you will be glad to know they are relatively low maintenance. As well as the usual cleaning when they get marked or dirty, our schuco bifold doors team in London recommend that you ensure they receive a thorough service, including lubricating the locks and wiping down the frames once a year. If your property is located by the sea, your schuco bifold doors will likely require more frequent cleaning due to the build-up of salt deposits.

How to Clean Bifold Tracks
As anyone who has installed schuco bifold doors in their London home will know, the runners can sometimes get debris, and small foreign objects inside, which must be removed immediately. To clean your schuco bifold door tracks, run a thin vacuum cleaner nozzle along the length of the runner, allowing it to vacuum any dirt and dust. If the schuco bifold door at your London house is not moving smoothly, never forcefully push the doors, check for debris.

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