ASE 67 PD Sliding System

Experience the versatility of the Schüco ASE 67 PD (Panorama Design) sliding system, offering maximum flexibility and transparency for your architectural projects. Winner of the Red Dot Design Award 2019, this system combines innovative design with ease of use.


Explore Our Standout Qualities

Level Threshold Option

Seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces.

Concealed Outer Frame and Narrow Profiles

Enhance architectural design with abundant natural light and transparency.

Pioneering Locking Mechanism

Provides security while maintaining aesthetic appeal, allowing open vent units to be securely locked.

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AWS 75 PD Window System

In today’s architectural landscape, seamless integration of aesthetics and functionality is paramount when designing modern building envelopes. With the Schüco AWS 75 PDwindow system, Schüco delivers an opening unit that perfectly meets these demands. Featuring minimal internal and external face widths and exceptional thermal insulation, this system offers a harmonious blend of form and performance.


Explore Our Standout Qualities

Seamless Integration

Flush-fitted vent profile appearance and concealed drainage for a clean, unified aesthetic.

Maximum Transparency

Minimal gasket sightlines and narrow face widths ensure maximum transparency and an elegant frame appearance.

Versatile Integration

Integration with other Schüco systems, such as the FWS 35 PD façade system and the AWS 75 PD VV.SI ventilation vent, provides tailored architectural solutions for diverse projects.