Sliding Door

ASE 60

Discover innovative solutions for sliding doors with our Schüco ASE 60 TipTronic system. Integrated drive and control elements in the profile provide not only a modern look, but also unparalleled convenience. Additional advantages of the automated sliding system, such as signal and energy transmission without the need for cable crossings, ensure fast installation and easy access for service and maintenance.


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Outstanding Design Freedom

With twelve different opening variants, our sliding system offers unparalleled design flexibility to accommodate a wide variety of needs and preferences.

Large-format Designs

Our aluminium profiles combined with innovative drive technology enable large-format, transparent constructions with sashes weighing up to an impressive 600 kg and a sash travel distance of up to 18 m.

Outstanding Operating Comfort

The various operating options available, such as switches, the Schüco App or integration into a home automation system, allow you to choose the most suitable form of control while ensuring the highest level of user convenience.

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Sliding Door

AS PD 51

Discover the Schüco ASE 51 PD Panorama Design sliding door system, which combines convenience of use and design with simplicity of assembly and installation. Thanks to the complete range of this panorama system, which includes 3 rails and angled closing, it is possible to create large sliding showcases (with sash dimensions of up to 2900 x 2750 mm and a weight of up to 400 kg) with maximum transparency and elegance. In addition, lightness and smoothness of movement are achieved thanks to a new trolley system that virtually eliminates noise and vibration.


Explore Our Standout Qualities

Minimalist Design

The profiled and slim profiles make the system look minimalist and panoramic, while providing maximum light and visibility. The unique montant, just 32 mm thick, guarantees continuous harmony between the interior and exterior.

Flat Threshold "0 Level"

Provides easy access and the fully integrated frame allows the door to blend harmoniously into the building shell, adding elegance and functionality.

Innovative Handling

The new Schüco handle allows the sash to be unlocked with just a 20° turn, providing natural ergonomic movement and intuitive operation.

Sliding Door

ASE 80

Explore modernity and superior thermal insulation with our latest generation sliding and lift-and-slide door system.The Schüco ASE 80.HI (High Insulated) eliminates barriers to passage while offering a slender appearance and unparalleled comfort.It allows you to enjoy an elegant patio door perfectly tailored to your needs, even in passive buildings.

Explore Our Standout Qualities

Minimalist Design

Our DesignLine modular aluminium profile system impresses with its minimal visible profile width, making the door frame virtually disappear from view for an elegant appearance.

Harmonious Connection

A threshold flush with the floor guarantees a seamless transition between the interior and exterior, eliminating barriers to passage and creating a cohesive space.

Purist Design

Hidden hardware elements emphasise the high quality and purist design, making the door look great even in the open position.

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