Discover the latest generation of Schuco AWS 80 SC windows that revolutionise window design and secure the future of your home. With Schuco’s international reputation for innovation, performance and style, Schuco AWS 80 SC windows will meet even the stricter building regulations for thermal performance for 2025, while being among the best designed, manufactured and finished aluminium windows. Above all, they are slim, thin and beautiful.

An ideal choice for both residential and light commercial projects. Crafted with precision and designed with sustainability in mind, the AWS 80 SC system combines excellent energy efficiency with a sleek, modern look, ensuring they will be the perfect addition to any architectural project, regardless of performance.


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Latest Generation in Aluminium Windows

Provide a slimline design for greater transparency and enhanced views

Enhanced Security for your Peace of Mind

Offering exceptionally low U-values for improved thermal insulation

Professional Installation and Quality Guarantee

Provided by professionals

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Discover the Schüco AWS 70.HI (High Insulated) window system, which is an integral part of the Schüco AWS system platform.This system offers a variety of window solutions with an installation depth of 70 mm and excellent thermal insulation. With these advantages, the Schüco AWS 70.HI window system sets new standards in the design of attractive, energy-efficient building envelopes.


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Excellent Thermal Insulation

Aluminium window construction provides excellent thermal insulation, which translates into energy savings and thermal comfort indoors

High Flexibility

The system provides a wide range of applications, from façade windows to balcony windows, meeting a variety of architectural needs

Variety of Opening Options

A large selection of opening options, including cranked sash tilting and the realisation of barrier-free balcony doors, provide design flexibility and functionality


AWS 90

Discover the Schüco AWS 90 window system, which provides not only maximum architectural design freedom, but also optimised thermal insulation and passive house-compliant certification. With these advantages, the Schüco AWS 90.SI+ window system sets new standards in the design of energy-efficient building envelopes, combining excellent thermal insulation with design flexibility and design aesthetics.


Explore Our Standout Qualities

Great Design Flexibility

Schüco AWS 90 aluminium windows offer great flexibility for a variety of design concepts, from façade windows to balcony doors, ensuring that a wide range of architectural requirements are met

Variety of Opening Types

A wide range of opening types, including casement, tilt and slide sashes and many more, enabling a choice of solutions without architectural barriers, allowing the integration of external spaces with the building interior

Wide Profile Portfolio

The system offers a wide range of profiles, allowing a variety of configurations to be created, including combinations with Schüco sun protection and ventilation systems, providing a comprehensive and coherent design concept

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