Discover the Future of Architectural Design with Steel-Jansen

Steel-Jansen heralds a new era in architectural design, offering innovative solutions for both traditional and modern building projects. Thanks to innovative fabrication techniques and the use of high-quality materials such as stainless steel and Corten steel, Steel-Jansen sets new standards in durability, versatility and aesthetic appeal.

Key Features

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Unique Design Benefits

From fixed inward and outward opening glazing to a wide range of window openings, Steel-Jansen provides unparalleled design flexibility. Whether renovating old windows or creating modern glass fronts, this system offers solutions for every architectural vision.

Exceptional Fabrication Benefits

Designed using composite technology and tested to meet stringent industry standards, Steel-Jansen provides optimum weldability, mechanical strength and impact resistance. CE classification according to EN standards guarantees quality and reliability in the fabrication process.

Ground-breaking Steel Systems

Steel-Jansen sliding doors redefine space with slender steel profiles, enabling extensive glass fronts to be created while maintaining structural stability. With features such as welded semi-profiled steel and increased light penetration, these doors combine elegance with energy efficiency.